Policies & Procedures

To maintain safety and comfort, please familiarize yourself with the following policies and procedures.


I embrace diversity and inclusion. I do not practice, tolerate nor condone discrimination, including harassment, based on a person’s status, such as, but not limited to age, race, color religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, genetic information, veteran status, or any other basis prohibited by law.



o Post-dating checks is not permitted, and payments will not be held until a later date.

o Returned checks need to be paid by the client immediately in cash plus up to a $25 returned check fee.

o Clients presenting checks with insufficient funds are required to pay cash for all future services.

o I do not accept credit cards or traveler’s checks, nor do I handle insurance claims

o I will dismiss the client for non-payment of incurred fees.


Appointment Scheduling

Client Responsibility


Information about my client resulting from my services is confidential and will be held in the strictest confidence. 



Client Record



When a client presents a symptom or condition beyond the scope of my practice, I will refer them to an appropriate licensed and/or certified professional or to their primary care provider.­­ Me