I share information on the energy work techniques and essential oils that I use. Settings are from one-on-one to classroom environments.  Please see the sections below for details on each class.

iTovi Bio Feedback Body Scan

Additionally, I use the iTovi Bio Feedback Body Scan device. It produces a report of top products that are personalized based on how you respond to the scan. Your Report Analysis shows the Emotional Categories and Body Systems most associated with the products you scanned for, as defined by the leading reference books in the industry. As soon as your scan is complete, your report will appear on the phone or tablet you are using. You can also choose to automatically send an email with the report to your entered email address.

What Do I Do Now? Is There an Oil for That?

As an introduction to Essential Oils and to answer the question, What Do I Do Now?, I've had small, informal meetings with one to five people to talk about and smell oils. Topics are brought up around specific concerns and we use my reference books and internet searches to gather additional information to answer the question, Is There an Oil for That? The education that I offer can be formal or informal.  

CARE Classes

The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE) is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a Continuing Education Approved Provider.(#408294-00 CARE).

My CARE Intensive includes all of the classes below.  Click this link to learn more: Intensive.  Email or text me at 309-306-2720 to sign up.

Introduction to CARE 

Participants of an Introduction to CARE Class will be able to:

History of Anointing & Laying on of Hands 

Participants of a CARE History of Anointing & Laying on of Hands Class will be able to:

Applied Vita Flex

Participants of a CARE Applied Vita Flex Class will be able to:


Participants of a CARE Raindrop Seminar will be able to:

Chemistry of Essential Oils

Participants in a CARE Chemistry Class will be able to:

1.      Recognize and appreciate the intelligent design of the universe at a molecular level.

2.      Explain why the same essential oil evokes different responses from different people.

3.      Discuss how both chemistry and quantum physics are necessary to explain oil behavior.

4.      List four ways that essential oil molecules can enter our bodies.

5.      Describe the three basic schools of aromatherapy.

6.      Recognize the fallacies of the British school of aromatherapy.

7.      Articulate reasons why trace compounds are important to an oil’s therapeutic value.

8.      Explain how molecular weight relates to viscosity, volatility, and biological half-life.

9.      Answer why the Periodic Table is periodic.

10.   Discuss the structure of atoms and molecules as elements and compounds.

11.   Identify the five principal elements that comprise essential oils.

12.   Explain chiral molecules and give examples.

13.   Talk about the history of benzene, the benzene ring, and its existence as an energy form.

14.   Define what a chemotype is and why they exist.

15.   Explain what an isomer is and give examples.

16.   Draw a picture of an isoprene unit and discuss it as a building block of organic compounds.

17.   Illustrate how a PMS anointment with oils can sometimes result in an instantaneous healing.

18.   Show how hydrocarbons, oxygenated hydrocarbons, and isomers are the building units of oils.

19.   Point out how essential oils are God’s love manifest in molecules.

Emotional Release for Emotional Healing

Participants in a CARE Emotional Release Class will be able to:

1.      Explain how emotional and spiritual issues manifest as disease.

2.      Articulate how oils can physiologically awaken forgotten traumas sleeping in our tissues.

3.      Act in an appropriate way if a spontaneous emotional release is triggered during a Raindrop.

4.      List books on how emotions underlie physical diseases and how to resolve them.

5.      Name specific oils or groups of oils suited for emotional releasing.

6.      Identify and locate specific trigger points to apply oils for releasing emotional patterns.

7.      Apply a special script to use for self-releasing.

8.      Outline techniques and procedures for facilitating an emotional release on another person.