The GinkgoTree Path of Personal Healing

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Table of Modules


Each Module includes Learning Content and Action Tasks.


Module 0 Welcome

Module 1 Ground Rules

Module 2 Emotions in the Moment I & 2a Essential Oils Basics

Module 3 Emotions in the Moment II

Module 4 Forgiveness

Module 5 Quick Lesson on a Higher Source

Module 6 Unmanageability

Module 7 Ready!

Module 8 Possible Causes

Module 9 My Part

Module 10 Positive Attributes

Module 11 My Trends

Module 12 Root Causes

Module 13 Excuses and Reasons

Module 14 Primary Issue & Way Out

Module 15 Self-Healing Ritual

Module 16 Reflection

Module 17 Apologies and Amends

Module 18 Continued Growth

Module 19 Wrap-Up

Module 20 Resources