The GinkgoTree Path of Personal Healing

The GinkgoTree Path of Personal Healing works with people who want to help themselves heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually so they can make more informed decisions about their own health and wellness and to trust their own intuitive insights. 

This is a 3-month long, intimate program where I work closely with you to take a look at what is keeping you stuck in your life and why nothing has worked before. And then hold your hand and hold you accountable as we dive deeper into a structured Path that supports you in trusting your own intuitive insights.

There’s no denying that the journey to physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness includes ups and downs… and thankfully, I’m an expert at breaking down each individual part and supporting you while you apply it to YOUR life.

I’ve created the program in such a way that you can’t possibly fail… as long as you follow the steps you WILL progress toward spiritual healing.

But there’s a catch… 

As a Licensed Spiritual Healer, I help you learn how to support your mind, body, and soul in healing themselves. Nothing is a magic pill. Achieving wholeness is a life-long endeavor but it can be done in small steps with lots of practice. 

So, as you can see, this isn’t a quick fix or a band aid solution. 

Program Structure

What I find is that the hardest thing for people who have physical and emotional symptoms that don’t get better with traditional approaches, is that they need to know what steps to take, the order to take them in, and the most important areas to focus on while filtering out all of the ‘background noise’ that leads to overwhelm and self sabotage. 

The program is broken down into modules that, when combined together, ensure that you’re able to get to the roots of what is holding you back because each module takes into consideration the specific and personalized needs that help you be successful. 

You’ll work on the modules in a sequential order because they build on each other.  Each module has worksheets for additional structure. You’ll always know what to do next.

The GinkgoTree Path of Personal Healing methodology is invaluable to you because it includes step by step instructions on how to uncover what is keeping you stuck, so that all you have to do is follow the instructions to start seeing progress. 

The GinkgoTree Path of Personal Healing also has weekly accountability and coaching calls.  This is an opportunity for one on one conversations so that if you get off track, you need to problem solve, or you have questions - we can do that together. You don't have to do this on your own anymore - you've got me on your team. And you'll have a fb community that you can rely on.

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